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Embroidered wedding veils

to buy the bride's veil

Wedding veil is still classic bride headdress, despite the fact that many other accessories are now available in wedding stores. However, they can be suitable for registration at the registry office but wedding in church without a veil is impossible. According to the ancient belief, it not only adorns the bride wearing it, but also protects her from evil spirits. After the wedding, the veil was kept until birth of a child, the cradle of which was then covered with it to protect a child from the evil eye. That is why the veil shall be selected with special care.

Among proposals of modern designers, the most exquisite are wedding veils with embroidery, because their pattern looks gently, exquisitely and ingeniously. Veil with computer embroidery can be either lush or flowing, depending on the model. 

Veil with a train

You can buy embroidered veils not only with the patterns of our designers, but also customized, wholesale from Fata Bogdana trademark. For this purpose, contact our manager and discuss the issue in detail.

Veils, embroidered with beads, can have a variety of patterns: flowers, abstraction, so they will suit different wedding attire. In our catalog you can select a veil not only for the wedding, but for the bachelorette party. After all, girls often get into a real show at the all-girls party.

Any embroidered veil will help to create a charming modern look that will not contradict the traditions and respond to fashionable trends.

The catalog of Fata Bogdana TM is constantly updated with new arrivals, so our regular customers will not have to worry about how to diversify their product assortment. Of course, with fashionable and original veils from creative designers of Fata Bogdana.