Handmade wedding veils with Crystals, and Rhinestones

Wedding veil embroidered with beads

buy a wedding veil embroidered with beads

The wedding veil is the classic headgear of the bride up to the present day, despite the variety of wedding headgear presented in the shop windows. The reason is simple. Veillets, diadems and other accessories are suitable for official registration of marriage. But the church needs a wedding veil. But apart from religious rules there is also a belief. It is believed that the wedding veil on just serves the bride's adornment, she as well as the amulet serves to protect her. But even after the wedding, there is an application for a veil. After the wedding, the veil was carefully stored, and after the birth of the child, a cradle was covered with a veil as a guard from the evil eye. That is why the veil should be selected with special care.

Of all the variety of types of veils, a special place is occupied by a veil embroidered with beads. Thanks to the use of beads, bugles, sequins and stones, the veil combines lightness and exquisite shine. The veil embroidered with beads can be as lush or flowing, depending on the assembly.

veil embroidered by hand

Wedding veils with beads in bulk of the trade mark "Fata Bogdana" can be bought not only with patterns of our designers, but also by individual order. To do this, you will only need to contact our manager and discuss this issue in detail.

Veils, embroidered with beads, can have a variety of patterns: flowers, abstraction, so they will suit different wedding attire. In our catalog you can pick up a veil not only for the wedding, but for the hen party. After all, girls often arrange a real show at the girls' party.

Any veil embroidered with beads will help create a charming modern image that will not contradict the traditions and respond to fashionable trends.

The catalog of TM "Fata Bogdana" is constantly updated with original novelties, so our regular customers will not have to worry about how to diversify their product range. Of course, fashionable and original veils from creative designers "Fata Bogdana".